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Alex is a mechanical engineer and mathematician with over fifteen years of experience developing complex network and software solutions.  Alex founded 21Productions, his first successful startup, at the age of 17.  By his 23rd birthday, he was licensing his software systems to some of the nation’s leading universities.  

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Alex serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tru Optik.  He has led most of the company’s innovation in data aggregation, cross-category ad-tech analytics and systems scaling through complex algorithm development.  

He also serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of Speak With Me, where he develops and maintains a low latency data layer for the company's cognitive, conversational AI platform. In his spare time, Alex is an avid fan of cinema and an audiophile.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

“An engineer’s job, whether a mechanical, electrical or music engineer, is to solve problems — and Alex did. In fact, he hasn’t stopped.”
— Riccardo Schulz, Carnegie Mellon University



  • Server and workstation maintenance for Macintosh and Linux
  • Shared Area Network (SAN) and iSCSI
  • Network services including AFP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, NAT, NFS, VPN and WINS
  • VMWare ESXi and virtual machine configuration
  • Datacenter virtual machine and cloud OS deployment, including Amazon
  • Big data management for 1PB+ datasets, including scalable RDBMS support


  • Advanced layer 2-7 networking with ipfw firewall and ifconfig
  • Thorough knowledge of SonicWall hardware
  • Bandwidth optimization for high load data networks involving RAID and SAN
  • Low latency optimization and load balancing


  • Extensive knowledge in video SD and HD standards, I/O and codecs
  • Optimized compression of video and audio for local and remote playback
  • Advanced color-space, frame rate and standards conversion
  • Audio recording, mixing and mastering knowledge for specialized media
  • Video edit, composition, special effects and color grading



  • Core: Awk, Bash, C, Java, Lua, Perl, Python, R
  • JS: Bootstrap, dc.js, jQuery
  • OS: Applescript, Quicktime API, Unix Shell
  • Web: AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP

Operating Systems

  • *nix: CentOS, Debian, IRIX, RedHat, Solaris, SUSE, Ubuntu, Yocto
  • Mac: OS 7-9, OS X, OS X Server
  • Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7+


  • Adobe: Master Collection
  • Apple: Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Xsan
  • Avid: Media Composer, ProTools HD
  • Data: Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Sphinx
  • Web: Apache, Nginx